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Agility at Para District Obedience Dog Club

Do you enjoy obedience? Would like to try something a little more active with your dog? Why not come down to Para District Obedience Dog Club Friday nights and learn the exciting dog sport of agility?

You can teach your dog to go over jumps, through tunnels, around weaving poles and many other obstacles. It is a sport in which you and your dog work as a team that is fun for both dog and handler.

Puppies can start from as young as six months old with restricted exercises, but you can start your dog at any age.

For agility this year, there are 2 sessions, the first session is for non-triallers set up at 6:30 beginning at 7:00 and the traillers to set up at 7:30 for a start time of 7:55.  During the non-triallers there will also be a fun class for those that have reached Novice level that do not want to compete or who have dogs that have retired and just want to run at a lower height. Non-triallers consist of Puppies/Beginners Learners PreNovice Fun Class and the Trailling consists of 4 rings with each ring concentrating of either see-saw scramble dog walk and jumping and once a month will be doing a full course.

If your class time is in the first session, please come out 30 minutes early to help set up your course. If your class is in the last session please stay to help dismantle equipment. PDODC volunteers need your help and will teach you how to put up the equipment and dismantle it. Remember, all classes are conducted by volunteers so please help wherever possible. Everything you do makes it just that much easier for all our PDODC volunteers.

A small fee of $3.00 applies per class to help to cover the cost of lighting and the equipment upkeep

Class Times are here.

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