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Flyball > Assessments

Dogs will be assessed on a weekly basis, and must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be 12 months of age.
  • Be ball focused (ball should be thrown and become stationary before the dog is released for retrieval for turn assessment).
  • Well socialised with other dogs and people.
  • Be under recall/voice control off lead, with nearby distractions.
  • Have reached a minimum of Obedience Level 3 (or at head instructor/assessing instructorís discretion). A club certificate of achievement is to be produced at assessment.
  • Have a reasonable standard of health (e.g. hips, elbows, weight). Tell your assessor about any health concerns (e.g. heart, asthma, etc).

Any dog that shows aggressive behaviour to another dog or person will be reported in the incident book. This shall be presented at the next club committee meeting for a decision on what action is to be taken. (e.g. muzzling, banned from sport, etc). The handler responsible will be notified of the decision by head instructor or by correspondence from the club committee.

Once assessment has been passed, a 'First Timerís Session' will be held once a month for handlers. This will teach handlers how to set-up for training (three lanes, three boxes and all accessories such as buckets, balls, water and bunting on one lane only). There will also be a brief introduction to rules.

A First Timer's Pack will be handed out at this time which will contain:

Information such as notes for motivational toys/training

PDODC Membership Form

Slipcollar Magazine

Flyball Rules

List of useful website links/addresses

Set-up list

Calendar of events for the coming year

Site Map