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Class Times


Whether you aspire to gain titles in dog sports or just want to train for fun and to have an obedient dog that is a good member of the community, PDODC offers its members choices, advice and support.

Office Hours


Sunday 9.00am 11.00am

Obedience - Sunday Mornings

8.30am.Utility & RallyO

9.30am. Puppies/First Timers, & Class 5

10.20am. Class 6

10.20am. First Timers(New Members)  Info Session (approx 30 minutes)

10.30am Learners & Class 2

11.15am Class 4

11.20am Class 3

11.25am Class 1


Agility - Friday Nights

Setup for 1st Session - Start 6. 30pm

New Dogs , Puppies and non triallers  7pm to 7-45pm

7-30pm set up Triallers

8pm till 9pm Triallers  =  Agility/Jumping

Flyball - Monday Nights

6.30pm. Set-up and First Timers

6.45pm 7.30pm Non Triallers

7.45pm 8.30pm Triallers

DWD Monday Nights 6-30pm


Other Important information  relating to training days/ Nights

Long Weekends: There will be no training on a long weekend (where the Friday or Monday is a public holiday).

Hot Weather Policy:


Obedience: If the estimated Sunday maximum temperature for Elizabeth is 32 degrees or higher, there will be no training.  

Friday Night  Agility Sessions will not be held if the temperature forecast for Friday is 32 degrees or higher.


Monday Night Classes: If the temperature for Monday is forecast on Sunday evening for 32 degrees or higher there will be no training. If stormy or inclement weather, training may also be called off.

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