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Para District Obedience Dog Club Rules

A copy of the club rules and constitution is available upon request in the office

CLUB GROUND RULES (These rules are being formally put in place on advice from the Public Liability Insurer.)

1. Dogs are not allowed in Clubrooms.

2. Bitches in season are not allowed on Club grounds.

3. Dogs may not be off lead unless permitted by an Instructor.

4. Dogs and handlers must not use equipment without permission of Instructors.

5. All incidents of dog attacks (provoked or unprovoked) must be reported immediately to the Head Instructor who will act accordingly. The incident must be recorded in the Incident Report book in the Office. An appeal to the decision made by the Head Instructor may be made in writing to the Club Secretary and the incident discussed at the next Committee meeting.

6. Children under 10 years of age must be supervised by an appropriate adult at all times on Club grounds.

7. If your dog fouls the Club grounds you must clean up the deposit immediately. Pooh bags are provided on the grounds. If your dog urinates on a Club building or structure, please rinse it off with water.

8. Smoking is not permitted in class or in Club buildings.

9. No alcoholic drinks are permitted in class or in club buildings.

10. If you arrive late, do not enter your class, wait until the instructor indicates that you may join.

11. Members must wear sensible shoes - no thongs or bare feet.

12. Any member not in class may not exercise their dog in the vicinity of classes in progress.

13. Please keep dogs well apart to avoid confrontations.

14. All handlers and dogs participate at their own risk.

15. A current vaccination certificate must be presented upon joining or attending a complimentary lesson. It must also be presented when renewing an existing membership.

16. Dogs carrying a contagious disease may not attend training until they are officially cleared in writing by a qualified vet.

17. Abusive or foul language is not tolerated on Club grounds.

18. Your membership badge must be worn in class. Replacement or “I forgot” badges are available from the office.

19. There will be no training for Obedience if the Saturday night forecast for Sunday is 32 degrees Celsius or over for the Elizabeth area.

20. There will be no training for non-triallers in Agility if the Thursday night forecast for Friday is 32 degrees Celsius or over for the Elizabeth area.

21. There will be no training for beginners in Flyball if the Sunday night forecast for Monday is 32 degrees Celsius or over for the Elizabeth area.

22. Any class may be cancelled due to unsuitable weather at the discretion of the Head Instructor(s).

23. Sun protection is encouraged for you and your dog.

24. All injuries must be reported and recorded.

25. Class instructors, in consultation with the discipline's Head Instructor, reserve the right to send a dog back to a lower class if it is to the advantage of the dog and/or handler. 

You will find the Club Constitution HERE 


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