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Dances with Dogs       

What is Dances with Dogs All About?

The primary goal of Dances with Dogs is to promote positive and enjoyable relationships between Dogs and their owners through the medium of music. 

But, what is Dances with Dogs?

Walking is the heart of the dance; simply taking steps, one after another, in time with the music.  Patterns, simple complex, complete the basics of dance.

DWD is you and your dog stepping out together to the music you like, having fun, getting some exercise(as much as you want), making new friends and strengthening the dog-owner relationship

Cost is $3 for first dog and $1.00 per every dog thereafter, per training night, to be paid before training commences. Handlers must ensure their name has been marked off in the roll book.

Here is a Report from the very first DWD Comp held at Para District.  Click Here to Read

2012 Adelaide Royal 1st Place in Starters HTM

2012 Adelaide Royal Show -- Our Debut into Dances With Dogs -- Heelwork to Music - Starters - 1st place - strict rules - but it can be fun and entertaining -- the crowd loved it -- so did Sisko and I :)
Thanks to Julie Brown for donating her time doing the videoing


2012 Adelaide Royal 1st Starters FS

2012 Adelaide Royal Show -- Our Debut into Dances With Dogs -- Freestyle Starters - 1st place - not perfect but shows promise -- and Sisko is ever so happy and enjoying himself - (so was I).


Para Paws Debut 24 Sept 2011

Thank You to Larissa for using videoing, Thank you to Leigh for Microphone System
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