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Flyball > Equipment

Flyball Equipment


Choose the correct sized ball for your dog. Balls come in all sizes and the ball you choose must bounce. Squash balls for little dogs; cat balls, small tennis balls, your dog's favourite ball.


The jumps are a set size and their height varies from 7 inches to 14 inches, and are of a basic design.

They have cross boards that must be white but the side boards can be any colour or sponsorship advertising can be used.

Padding can be made by attaching to a metal sleeve that slips over the top hudle board. It can be removed at any time and is interchangeable with the different jump heights. The padding must not change the height of the hump at all.

Jump heights are are set at 4 inches below the shoulder height of the smallest dog running any a particular heat.


As long as flyball boxes comply with the AFA rules of measurement and are mechanically triggered, they can be of any design.

Some of the newer boxes have curved fronts. Flyball boxes can have one, two or three holes for the ball. This is because dogs often turn better if the ball is off-centre. Some dogs naturally turn to the left, others to right. Smaller dogs may turn best if the ball is in the centre hole.

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