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First Aid information for your dog.

This page has some helpful information in regards to basic first aid if in need for your dog.

St  to order.John Ambulance Australia sell the following kits for $22.50 to order call 1300 360 455 or https://one.stjohnsa.com.au/webshop.aspx?webcat=CAT1&search=
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St John South Australia has developed a Pet First Aid Kit with advice from the veterinary nurse from ZOOSSA. Designed for pre and post vet care this Pet First Aid kit will make sure your furry family member is covered in case of an emergency.

Here is some important information in regards to Bloat. Click Here

Flyer from the American Red Cross.

Document : Save a Life : Learn Animal CPR - From Lori H. Felman, DVM, Henry J. Feldman, M.D.

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