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Para District Obedience Dog Club Obedience Instructors

Para District Obedience Dog Club instructors are all volunteers willing to give up their Sunday mornings to help you train your dog.

All PDODC instructors train their own dogs in obedience, and some also train in Flyball and Agility. Many instructors trial their dogs in one or more disciplines. They volunteer for the love of all dogs and are willing to share their knowledge to help people enjoy the rewards of dog ownership.

Here we introduce our club volunteers who are available if you need help or advice. Just talk to them at the club on a Sunday morning or contact a committee member.

A club the size of PDODC is always looking for volunteers. And the club is a community of people who share their skills to benefit its members. So, if you have some spare time on a Sunday morning and would like to aspire to be an obedience instructor, see your Head Obedience Instructor or your current instructor. You are guaranteed a rewarding experience helping others with their dogs. It can also enhance your own training.

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