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Join Para District Obedience Dog Club

Obedience classes are structured to teach you, as a handler, to train your dog to fit into your life as a well-behaved family member.

PDODC holds a puppy class for dogs up to 6 months old where they are taught basic exercises and socialisation.

You will learn how to teach your dog to sit, drop, stand, stay and come on command.

As you progress through the classes, the exercises are more challenging and the dog learns to fetch an object, retrieve over jumps, find a lost article and stay, with the handler out of sight.

It does not matter what breed or cross breed your dog is, you are welcome to join and train with us.


Membership Fees

         Membership fees cover a year of training from February to November.

         Membership fees are halved from the 1st of July.

         Flyball and Agility - An additional cost of $2.00 per lesson, and $1 for each additional dog, is charged to cover the cost of lighting and upkeep of all equipment when training on a Monday or Friday night.

         There is no training for any discipline on long weekends where Friday or Monday is a public holiday.

         Please note $5.00 late fee payable to all renewal memberships after the four weeks of commencement of classes.

Phone 08 8281 7849 (during training hours)

After hours 08 8251 3274 (Ray Gunter)

P.O. Box 497

Salisbury SA 5108

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