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Flyball > General Information for Flyball Members

General Information for Flyball Members

·         All members must have their PDODC membership badges with them every week.

·         No dogs are to be tied up on the verandah,  Crates, puppy pens or stay pegs are only to be used.

·         While training is in progress, no dog shall be off lead unless training and under the direction of an instructor, or if a handler is warming up their dog.

·         While training is in progress, there is to be no throwing balls near the training lanes.

·         A calendar of events for the training year will be issued at the beginning of the training season, which will detail competitions, demonstrations, team timing sessions and when training is to be cancelled ( to the best of our knowledge).

·         Cost is $2.00 for the first dog and $1.00 per every dog thereafter, per training night, to be paid before training commences.  Handlers must ensure their name has been marked off in the roll book.

·         Dogs shall not train wearing a slip collar.  Only flat collar or harness may be used.

·         Handlers must ensure they clean up after their dog has defecated.

·         Training may be cancelled for Beginners and Intermediates due to Trial Team Timing Sessions.

·         After competition weekends, there is a possibility that training may be cancelled.

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