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Why train my dog in Obedience?

Socialisation for your dog is vital. Puppies well socialised from a young age become well adjusted members of their family.

Like humans, dogs learn right from wrong and socially acceptable behaviour from those around them. If dogs are deprived of this they can become 'dog aggressive' or a target of 'dog aggression'. This is because they don't understand what play is and what isn't; what is allowed and what is not.

As your dog ages, socialisation is still important. It provides physical and mental stimulation. When dogs play together the benefits of the exercise are far better than when they play with us.

Dogs develop relationships with other dogs and enjoy social interaction. Too many dogs spend too much time confined in small areas, often by themselves. This can cause problems like boredom, which can lead to barking or destructive behaviours. A well-socialised and trained dog is less likely to develop these problems.

Benefits of Obedience Training

Training provides mental stimulation for them and sets the order of dominance in their pack (you, your family and your dog). Dogs are a pack animal and need to know the pack order to feel safe.
Training with PDODC instructors will teach you and your dog how to set rules in place that help to provide a happy and secure environment for your family.

Come down on a Sunday morning and check out PDODC members training; bring your dog and meet the club's volunteers and learn what PDODC can offer you. Don't forget to bring an up-to-date vaccination with you.

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