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Rally Obedience > Rally Obedience for 2015

For those that are interested in Rally Obedience Training this year there are a few changes being made to training. If anyone has any queries or questions please let me know but here are the basics.

For 2015, two class times will be offered on a Sunday. The first will start at 9:30am with people needing to be there at 9:15am to help set up.

The second will start at 10:30am and will finish around 11:10am so people can help pack up and still join in the last obedience classes for the day.

Everyone will be asked to nominate which class time they will be attending and a roll will be taken similar to agility and flyball.

This will help keep track of weekly numbers. The session you attend can be changed as your dog moves between the different obedience classes to avoid clashes where needed.

The classes will be tailored to suit all competition levels so people can go in either group however the greatest instructor assistance will be available during the second group time so people new to Rally are encouraged to attend this class initially.

Due to instructor training commitments the first class will have an instructor present only during the set up and towards the end of the session to answer questions.

For this year it is hoped that Rally Training will be offered on an almost weekly basis. I will plan the sessions and instruct when I am not away trialing my own dogs, and Jess Huser will also help and will be able to set up training when I am not there.

If you know nothing about Rally Obedience but would like to know more then please just ask your obedience instructor to point me out when we start back and I am more than happy to help you out.

For the first month or two I should be around for most Sunday trainings but will be absent a little more as the weather cools and the main trialing season starts.

For the first few Sundays just gather over by the area that the rally is normally set up prior to the class time you would like to attend and we will go from there.
See you in a few weeks.

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