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Flyball > Team Selection Criteria        

Flyball Team Selection Criteria.

Teams are selected to represent PDODC on the basis of the dog’s performance, reliability and sociability.  Consideration is also given to the degree of handler involvement and training sessions attended.  PDODC aims to give everyone the opportunity to compete at their dog’s highest possible level in accordance with the criteria detailed below.

When the “Para Teams” are at a competition, we are all part of the one overall team and aim to support each other.  Especially if a specific team is not racing in a particular heat, they can assist with box loading, ball shagging and stewarding.

The team selection process is as follows:

1.     The head instructor/competition organisers will let flyballers know the dates of upcoming competitions.  It is the handler’s responsibility to advise the head instructor if they wish to be considered for the team selection for a particular competition.  The prescribed entry fee must be paid to the head instructor at the timed training session (non payment of entry fee may result in the dog being dropped from the team).  The prescribed fee depends on the number of dogs entered for each competition.


2.     All those competing in competitions must have a current membership of both the Australian Flyball Association (AFA) and PDODC.  To apply for an AFA membership, you can down load the form from www.flyball.org.au; fill it out correctly and send it into the AFA secretary a minimum of 2 months before your first competition.  This is so the AFA can issue a Competition Race Number (CRN#).  The AFA membership is from 1st of July to the 30th June each year.  It is your responsibility to renew each year.


3.     The number of dogs per team (4, 5 or 6) will depend on the number of dogs available for the competition.  If a person has two or more dogs, it may only be possible for only one dog to be entered and, therefore, a decision must be made by the handler as to which dog they wish to enter.  Team selection will be no less than 4 weeks before the closing date of a competition.  Teams may be based on but not held to, 1 height dog, 1 fast dog, 1 slow dog and 1 new dog to try and make it fair for all the teams and competitors.


4.     Timed training sessions are mandatory unless extenuating circumstances are shown, in which case, leniency may be shown at the discretion of the head instructor.  Timed training sessions will try to be held a minimum of 2 weeks before the close of entries.


5.     Dogs which in the opinion of the flyball instructors are unfit for racing, injured or recovering from an injury will not be considered for selection, unless the owner can provide a satisfactory reason for the dog being selected and satisfy the instructors there is minimal risk to the dog.  In some cases a vet certificate may be needed to clear the dog for racing.


6.     If a dog is injured before a competition for which it is entered, the dog will need to be assessed by the head instructor.  If the dog is still shows injury, a vet certificate clearing the dog for racing will be required by the following week.  This is required so changes to team structures can be made, if required.


7.     At all competitions team members must wear a club shirt (as uniform).

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