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History of Para District Obedience Dog Club

Para District Obedience Dog Club Inc was formed at a meeting of 17 people on February 1st 1964.

PDODC has come a long way in more than 40 years to what it is today.

At that 1964 meeting club colours were decided as navy and gold. A prize of 1 guinea ($2.10) was offered for the best badge design. A joint effort resulted in our current badge.

A club ‘News Sheet’ was organised to keep members informed of news, and members’ progress and achievements. Today the club magazine is called the ‘Slipcollar’.

A social committee was formed and a building fund started on March 25, 1965 using a piggy bank. This piggy bank was taken around classes each week, and profits from tea money and socials also went into the piggy bank.

On June 10, 1965 a light, almost white part shepherd called ‘Flash’ gained PDODC’s first CD title. Flash was owned and trained by Brian Fagan who was, unfortunately, killed in a road accident in 1978. Flash was also the club’s first titled Companion Dog Excellent and Utility Dog.

The first training ground was Happy Home Reserve but there was a move to Halbury Road Reserve in 1966.

In 1968 enough funds were raised to build a toilet block at a cost of $1200.00.

The year 1968 is also remembered for the visit from the author of ‘Dog Training Made Easy’, Michael Tucker. He was a dog trainer with more than 30 years experience who gained his qualifications working with the Blind Dog Association in England and Melbourne. Mr Tucker took Classes 3 and 6, and was impressed at the training methods Para District used.

John Holmes, a well known trainer and author, was also impressed by the training methods on a later visit to the club.

The club became incorporated on April 17, 1972 and was thriving with 270 members in 1969; growing to 418 in 1970; 443 in 1972 and levelling out in the 1980s to a steady 500/550.

Problems arose at Halbury Road and the club moved to its present grounds at Jenkins Reserve on December 12, 1977. The new DODC clubhouse and training ground was officially opened by the Salisbury Mayor, Harry Bowey. Later the clubhouse was named Len Lomas Memorial Building; a dedication to the well-respected Life Member and Head Instructor for 5 years. Mr Lomas was a diligent worker for the club before his untimely death in January 1981.

Agility was introduced in 1987 and PDODC held its first trial on June 23, 1991. Today many PDODC members train and successfully trial in agility.and jumping.

There are many obedience photos and trophies of past and present members in the club’s canteen.

For more than 40 years, Para District Obedience Dog Club members have been successful in dog sports, through their training with the club.

Flyball came to PDODC in 2004 and today the club has five competitive teams, with many more in training.

Even better, training with us gives our members the confidence and knowledge to train their dog so it becomes a wonderful, family pet once they leave our training ground.


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